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We are a family owned Tea House and you’ll find us in the charming market towns of Devizes & Marlborough. Our physical shops are quirky, friendly, doily-free spaces designed for tea lovers (but not exclusively) to come and enjoy the best loose leaf teas. But if you are unable to come to see us to talk tea & sip some tea (coffee’s not bad either!) and generally look beyond the teabag, we're inviting you into our little eShoppe to seek out our fine teas, speciality coffee and gifts.

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Have you visited our tea houses while on holiday in our town and found a tea you liked but you live in a different part of the country and cannot return to get it? Do you have a specific blend from a different brand and want to replicate it? Would you like a personalised, bespoke blend based on specific flavours you like? Are you looking for a different tea experience or just need a top up for your trusted leaves? Then you are in the right place, scroll down and start exploring...

Tea of the month

Strawberry Cream

Fruity, creamy and light as a strawberry cream toffee, coupled with the gentle nuance of black tea.

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Our customers are always asking (as you always should) whether farmers are paid a fair price growing their teas. Putting your mind at rest, our loose leaf teas are not only UTZ certified (UTZ stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers and their families) but they are also Rainforest Alliance certified (for protection of landscape and sustainable livelihoods). In January 2018 these two organisations have merged so we hope it means developing a new standard that has a greater social, environmental and economic impact. So we can enjoy our cuppa knowing that nobody suffers for it...

We are proud to announce our support for the "Wild at Heart Foundation," a charity that is close to our hearts...Their vision is our vision: to end suffering of stray dogs all over the world and save them from the rising tide of cruelty, abuse and neglect. Please add a donation alongside your shopping to help them.

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