Ti Kuan Ying Oolong Green & Red

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Take the rolled leaf of our mild Ti Kuan Ying Oolong and you will find a rare pearl. String this green tea pearl with other gems and you get a completely new piece of jewellery. Red currant pearls thread themselves into our Ti Kuan Ying necklace along with square, purple dragon fruit cubes and tiny spots of heather and beguile with the taste of sweet woodruff and fruity raspberry. Thanks to the dragon fruit, the tea shimmers like a real treasure in delicate shades of pink. Superfruit: dragon fruit & aronia berry

Ingredients; Semi-fermented tea (80 %), lilac dragonfruit cubes, aronia berries, natural flavouring, pomegranate arils, redcurrants, heather blossoms, raspberry pieces

Drink when; all day long....our favourite tea.

Your item will be packed in new recycled tin tie bags suitable for packaging coffee and leaf tea. Our block bottom tin tie bags are poly-lined and food grade safe.